RAG is committed to building a business which sources products in an ethical and socially responsible manner

To this end, RAG has developed Responsible Sourcing Principles which set out our core values. These values are integral to how RAG does business and we expect our suppliers and sourcing agents to respect and promote these values in their factories throughout the world.

Core to these values are prohibition of child labour and forced labour, prohibition of harassment, payment of legal minimum wage, provision of a healthy and safe working environment, freedom of association and collective bargaining and compliance with all applicable laws and regulations in the countries in which the factories operate.

In addition, by signing up to these principles, suppliers and sourcing agents must agree not to use prohibited raw materials (including Uzbekistan cotton, AZO dyes and Angora), and prohibitive garment treatments (sandblasting) in any of our products.

RAG acknowledges that sourcing products in an ethically and socially responsible manner will involve a long road of continuous improvement, but we have started along that road and are committed to the journey.

Supplier Responsibilities 

All suppliers and relevant parties involved in the manufacture of RAG products must sign and comply with our Supplier Code of Conduct. This is non-negotiable. The Code requires that, at all times, our suppliers and the facilities relevant to our supply relationship will:

  1. Work with us to uphold basic human rights and compliance standards.
  2. Comply with all local laws in the country of manufacture and all Australian and New Zealand laws for the importation of goods.
  3. Meet the standards and promote RAG’s Responsible Sourcing Principles as outlined above and in our Supplier Code of Conduct.

It is the responsibility of our suppliers to uphold the values of this code and to ultimately work with RAG to create an ethical and responsible supply chain where we work together to prevent worker victimisation and modern slavery.

RAG will work with our suppliers to monitor compliance with this code in the form of processes such as ethical audits, unannounced inspections, and our grievance hotline. Where issues are identified which do not comply with our responsible sourcing principles, RAG will work with the supplier to analyse and remedy the situation in the best interest of all parties.